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Full-Frame Installation

Full-Frame Installation
Pocket Installation

Pocket Installation
Full-frame window installation involves totally replacing a window, including the sill, interior trim and exterior trim. Many homeowners will need to paint the surrounding wall afterward. When a window is replaced via pocket installation, the surrounding frame is left intact and the window is inserted into place. One of the most popular choices is vinyl replacement windows, and they are available in other materials, as well as varying sizes and shapes.
What it Looks Like
From the outside, full-frame windows and replacement windows look the same. However, full-frame windows have nailing fins, which is the most notable difference. There are two styles of insert replacement windows: block-fit and flush-fin. A flush-fin window involves installing a new window on top of the existing frame. The flush fins provide seamless results and are ideal when there isn’t any structural or water damage to the opening.
Block-fit windows are best for wood windows, usually those that are casement or double-hung styles. There is no fin in this kind: the window is simply inserted into the existing frame’s pocket.
Installation Steps
  • Window and frame are removed down to their rough opening
  • Opening is sealed to block air and moisture from seeping inside
  • Insulation is inserted to boost energy efficiency
  • Water system is installed at the sill to reduce water damage and prevent mold
  • Property is surveyed and prepared
  • Old windows are taken out without removing the trim
  • Any deteriorated materials that are discovered are fixed before the new window is added
  • Window is positioned and technicians check for an accurate fit to reduce gaps
  • Window is caulked and sealed, and insulation is added to the interior and exterior
  • After installation, debris are removed
  • Best choice for highly deteriorated window frames
  • Excellent for homeowners who wish to change a window opening’s shape or style
  • Lets our technicians solve issues related to insulation
  • Larger glass pane provides an extended view of the outdoors
  • Offer superior energy efficiency and outstanding quality
  • Great way to update older windows and can change the window’s style if the dimensions are identical
  • Installation can be done in as little as a day if no issues are discovered during the process
  • Increase curb appeal by choosing from a variety of shapes, decorative glass options, frame colors and more
  • Requires extra materials, including insulation and drip edge, so costs are more expensive
  • Labor-intensive process generally takes longer to complete than other options
  • Potential issues can occur in older homes due to variations in sash openings, leading to loose or tight insulation and energy loss
  • Some mass-produced insert windows can be of lower quality
  • Lower-quality windows may discolor or warp from direct sunlight
  • DIY attempts can result in significant complications if the homeowner does not have proper knowledge of window installation
Installation Examples
  • A very old home that has rotted frames and sills that cannot be repaired
  • New construction homes, which do not yet have existing window frames
  • Sizes or shapes of old windows are out of style
  • Original windows were installed by a different company that may have overlooked structural problems
  • Replacing windows on a home with a brick or stucco exterior
  • Homeowners would like a high return on investment
  • You need an affordable upgrade with fast turnaround
  • Vinyl window replacements for those who want a maintenance-free upgrade

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