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To help save you time, our Goverla Windows & Doors team has collected some of our most common questions here with answers based on our experience and expertise. If you do not find your question, feel free to contact us directly, and we will be happy to help.

How do I know if I need new windows?

There are definitely signs that signify it is time to launch your new window installation project. Some are obvious indicators, including visible damage to any part of the window, stained or cracked glass, collection of condensation between two panes of glass, leaks, and drafts. Additional signs of needing new windows that may not be as obvious, such as hearing more noise from outside, more expensive energy bills and more effort needed to open or close your windows.

How do I know if I need new exterior doors?

Our team can also help you install new doors on the exterior of your home. If your doors are older and starting to wear out, you should consider replacing them with new, updated versions. Additional clues that your doors have seen better days: they get stuck and do not open easily, there are drafts blowing in around them, there are visible signs of weathering, the style is outdated, and it does not shut and lock securely in place.

How do I select an installation company?

When homeowners are searching for a professional contractor, it can be easy to fall into the cheapest option. But also make sure that your selection has an experienced team, the work is backed up by a warranty, the estimate fits within your budget and you are not pushed with high-pressure sales techniques.

Is it beneficial to receive many quotes?

While you may want to continue searching for the best deal, you need to remember that quality is imperative when it comes to the installation of new doors and windows. You do not need to research 10+ companies, but you should take the time to talk to the team and get to know what the company is all about.

What are some questions I should ask before signing a contract?

While you do not have to give your potential contracting company the third degree, you should ask some vital questions. Here are our suggestions:

  • Do you have examples of your work or references?
  • How long have you been working in the industry?
  • Do you guarantee your work?
  • Do you take care of any needed project permits?
  • What is your process?
What are the benefits of installing new windows?

Beyond having a better view to enjoy your scenery, new windows can have a mix of benefits. You can expect to have a boost in your home’s curb appeal and possibly a boost in your home’s value. By putting in more energy-efficient windows that are the latest innovations in the industry, you could see a decrease in your energy bills. New windows not only keep drafts out but also the noise of your neighborhood as well. Finally, the latest windows are often lower maintenance than older models.

What are the benefits of installing new exterior doors?

The top obvious boost from a new front door is that your whole home’s look and style will be upgraded – especially if your current front door is tired and damaged. But there are other benefits of replacing your front door and other exterior doors around your home. They can add to your home’s overall value and create a more secure perimeter to keep your family safe. New door designs can allow you to show off your own personal style and control the amount of light and privacy that you have around your home.

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