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Lake Zurich Replacement Windows

The windows in your home serve two very important purposes. First, they provide much needed protection from the elements while still providing you a glimpse into the outside world and proper ventilation. Second, they are a large part of your home’s exterior aesthetic. Have you ever seen a house with outdated or damaged windows and thought, oh I love the look of this home? We didn’t think so. There are a handful of different reasons you may be looking for replacement windows in Lake Zurich and our professionals at Goverla Windows and Doors are equipped to handle all of them. We pride ourselves on our excellent installation and unbeatable customer service. So, if you have noticed window concerns like damage, drafts, or just have an outdated design contact us at Goverla Windows and Doors for a free, no-commitment quote!

Signs You May Need Window Replacements

Windows are typically made to last around 15 to 20 years. Once you reach that mark your window seals are most likely degraded enough to need replacements. By that time your windows are also probably out of date when it comes to energy efficiency and design. If you still have years left on your windows there are other signs you will want to look out for. 

  • Difficult to operate– if your window isn’t opening or closing with ease this can be extremely frustrating and a definite sign it should be replaced.
  • Drafty– while it’s normal to feel slightly colder or warmer near a window depending on the weather, if you are feeling any drafts this is a sign your window’s seal isn’t working properly.
  • Noisy– a lot of outdoor noise can be really disruptive to your daily life, especially at night. Windows aren’t soundproof but upgrading to thicker glass or double pane could significantly improve this issue.
  • Damage– this is a bit obvious but if there is noticeable damage to your window it’s time to check out a replacement. 
  • Condensation in the panes– condensation on the inside or outside of the window is actually an indication it is doing its job but if you notice condensation within the window that is an issue and should be addressed by professionals.
  • High utility bills– utility bills that are higher than usual are a sign your windows may not be functioning in an energy-efficient way. New replacement windows can do a lot to better insulate your home and lower that monthly bill.
  • Outdated style– lastly, windows are a huge part of your home’s aesthetic. If your style has changed or your windows are now out of date, there are plenty of new styles for you to pick from to refresh your home’s aesthetic.

Goverla Windows and Doors

Relate to any of these issues? Give us a call at Goverla! If you are searching for window replacements in Lake Zurich you can count on our professionals who have years of expertise and are here to provide you with the best quality windows and installation.

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